Bethany's film debut is a short documentary about Italian/Brazilian artist Giulia Mangoni.
 'A Moment With Giulia Mangoni' combines Bethany's love of story telling through filming and poetry. Narrating the documentary with a performance of one of her own works of writing.
Giulia Mangoni is an artist who lives and works in Italy. Situated in a small town outside of Rome, we see her preparing and practicing her skills whilst studying for a Masters in Fine Art. Creativity is something which this young woman both cherishes and exudes. Her lifestyle is a daily commitment to developing ideas inspired by the environment around her. Throughout this short film, we see a conversation play out between two friends, one in front of the camera and one behind it. Bethany Burgoyne explains more.
‘My choice of filming people provides me with a library of footage to reflect on and study. To watch, anaylse and digest moments of the past allows me to retell a story with a clearer understanding of what is depicted. Summarising the life of Giulia into a short film left me full of words to describe what I saw. Responding to her artistic practice through the creation of an ekphrastic poem, I narrate Giulia’s story.
This process highlighted one overriding feeling for me – how inspired I am in the presence of this wonderful woman. Giulia has been an incredibly generous friend to me, offering advise, counselling and care in both my personal and professional life. Agreeing to be my guinea pig for this, my first Sassy documentary, was another gesture of her support.’
Director – Bethany Burgoyne
Editor – Jennifer Tividad
Colourist – Theo Rhodes
Composer – David Burgoyne
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