Bethany was introduced to Maram Kablawi in 2016. 
Maram is the Director and Founder of 'Andalus School of Flamenco and Culture' in Haifa, Israel. She explains passionately about how, through Flamenco, she aims to empower and educate Arab girls. 
 Witnessing Maram's determination to run her school was the catalyst for Bethany to go out to Israel and research the way dance and culture can be used to build confidence.

Spending two weeks in 'Andalus' observing, documenting and understanding Maram’s vision provoked questions about the culture of Arab Society, it’s affect on women and girls, as well as the challenges faced when living as Palestinian Arabs in Israel.
Bethany documented the girls and women involved through photography, watercolour drawings, talking with the dancers and creating a short video.
You can read the full piece on Sassy Stories here
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